Automate and manage
personalized HR content at scale.

A learning and communication platform that places helpful content in the hands of the right employees only when they need it.

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What's wrong?

Managers and employees say they need more support and training. Those same people say they feel overwhelmed with information.

Current learning doesn't solve it. People remember little from face to face training. They dislike eLearning. And interest in self-directed learning platforms drops quickly after an initial spike.

Pon turns employee learning and communication completely upside down

Pon automates

Send content only at the point of need

Content is sent to targeted people. Automatically. It is set off only when a specific event happens.

Pon monitors changes in your existing systems to track events. Or you can add one to the calendar.

Pon analyses

Pull (or adjust) poor performing content

See which content is making an impact with clear-cut dashboards.

Avoid sending information or learning content that people don't engage with.

Pon educates

Edit a template or dust off your own content

There a a lot of content in Pon's library. Edit it. Or start from scratch.

No one likes wasting time. Allow your employees to skip parts they are already familiar with or deep dive into topics by using handy checklists with drill down content.

The mechanics

Connect to your existing tools

Pon is friends with your favorite HRIS, sales, support or survey software to scan for relevant events.

Automate your busy work

Any month, Pon can manage the distribution of 100s of learning moments to provide timely support.

Refine content templates

We prepared great content so you can get started quickly. Edit our templates or create your own.

Turn data into insights into actions

Get a clear picture of what content people engage with, so you can do more of that.


Jon Williams


Previously, Co-founder of Culture Amp and a software architect at big banks.

Joris Luijke


Previously, People Chief at Atlassian and Squarespace